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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spoon Puppets Crew 4

Today we added to our puppet family with spoon puppets.  Thank you Jennifer for helping, and also to Lindy.

Sunrise over Freeville School 1 August 2014

Rain puddle pictures.

We like them because each one is a little bit different and special. We made rain puddle pictures. We used water colour paper.  We drew a horizontal line half way across the page.  We then drew puddles under that line. We drew rain coming down into the puddles.  We then drew a rainbow. Then we made the paper wet and with water colour blocks, we  put circles around the puddles and then added different colour circles and blobs.  We also made clouds. When we had done all this, with a wet brush and no paint on it, we made the colours melt into each other. This was an idea we got from art that Kym had done with some of the other classes. Thank you Kym.